Photo by Jason G Harris

We have a very small band of committed carers who volunteer hours of devotion in caring for these animals. We rely solely on volunteers, donations, and the support of our members. Volunteering can come in many forms such as public relations, fundraising, transporting animals to and from the vet (sometimes in Geraldton), or to other carers, cleaning, sewing joey pouches and bags, building enclosures, and helping look after the animals.

We rely heavily on networking with other groups and rehabilitators who share their experience and expertise with us, and we are often required to transfer animals to other organizations when they require specialized long-term care, or when our carers are over-burdened with existing wildlife in our care.

Being a wildlife carer is a frustrating and emotional occupation. A lot of animals which come into our care have suffered extensive and horrific injuries, and survival rate is often very low. All volunteer workers in any area have a special caring nature, but being a volunteer wildlife carer requires a passion and dedication, often requiring long hours (sometimes weeks or even months) of nurturing, feeding and caring for tiny orphans around the clock, and this can sometimes mean sleepless nights.

In our first year of operation, with just 5 volunteer carers, we had a successful rehabilitation rate of 70%. Imagine what we could achieve with extra volunteers! WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!

When you spend weeks, sometimes months, caring for a sick or injured animal and nurse them back to health, the moment of release back to the wild is a very special moment for both carer and animal. One particular species of bird (pink and grey galahs) are often known to “thank” their carer by circling overhead, swooping the carer and calling loudly before flying off. On being released at exactly the same spot that they were rescued, some have even been known to re-unite with their mate and then bring their mate to thank the rescuer. Sounds unreal???? You have to be there to believe it!!

Becoming a “Volunteer” worker can be personally rewarding and gratifying, and provide you with new and useful skills which will remain with you your whole life. Prospective employers will be impressed by your dedication to the task at hand.

So, if you have the passion, the time, dedication and patience, then help us make a difference to just one creature’s life, and make our existence on this Earth worthwhile and meaningful.

We need volunteers NOW.

Our occupation of “Volunteer Wildlife Carer” is the most rewarding job in the world.