Carnaby's Cockatoo

Photo by Jason G Harris

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Western Australia

Caring and housing of wildlife is expensive. All work is undertaken on a voluntary basis, relying solely on donations, membership fees and Grants.

After careful consideration, in 2007, a group of like-minded locals established a not-for-profit charitable organisation, and registered Loveland for Wildlife Inc. as a deductible gift recipient (DGR), which enables donations of over $2.00 to be tax deductible (for taxpayers in Australia).

Although the Sanctuary is located approximately 24km out of Jurien Bay , some of our carers are located as far away as Coorow, some 130kms.

Jurien Bay is a small crayfishing community located approximately 250kms north of Perth and 200kms south of Geraldton. Being remote, we do not have a permanent vet, and this means that when injured wildlife require professional assistance, our carers are often required to travel great distances to Geraldton or Perth, with animals in distress.

For this reason, we also work very closely with other Wildlife Networks throughout WA, arranging transport and transfer of animals as required.

All of this travel, including fuel costs, vet costs, medications, puts added stress on carers, who are generally required to pay these costs themselves.

We need on-going funding to assist our carers to meet these costs and enable them to continue their dedicated work of successfully rehabilitating and returning our wildlife to their natural environment.

Our Association is proud of our achievements and success rate thus far, but we need your help to help us make a difference.